Looking for good offers on New Hyundai i20

Hi there.

The New Hyundai i20 looks lovely. As I said before, we are planning to buy a new hatch within next 2 months. We were first okay with used i20 or Jazz, but now thinking if we can stretch a little bit and get the new i20 if there are some good offers going on in December. Can somebody tell if there are discounts on new i20?

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Hi Sneha,

I am Pratap (The sales Ninja of this forum) :upside_down_face:

I can pull some good deals from Hyundai showrooms near you… Where are you from? Which i20 variant are you planning - manual or automatic ?

Do reply so that I can share few exclusive deals with you!

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Thanks Pratap for a very quick response.

We have actually not finalized on manual or automatic yet. Most likely we will be going with Automatic.

I am looking for good offers in Bangalore. Which Hyundai showroom in Bangalore is best and are what are some good deals available?

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In Bangalore there are 3-4 popular Hyundai dealers:

  • Blue Hyundai
  • Advaith Hyundai
  • Trident Hyundai
  • Lakshmi Hyundai

There are brand schemes from Hyundai which you can see below:

In addition to this, I can send you some exclusive flash cash discount offers by few dealers if you are booking it within this month. Please check your PM (Private message), i have sent you the cash discount details from a known dealer. You can also call me for any clarifications (number shared in PM).

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Hi Pratap.

I just registered in this forum because we are also looking to buy new i20 iMT… Can you please share the offer details to me? Please share your number and kindly send the offers Urgently! We have visited Advaith Hyundai yesterday, booking is still pending. Kindly share.

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Harish, welcome to the forum.

i20 is a wise choice! please check your PM for new i20 iMT offers and for my number! Glad to connect.

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Hi, I was looking for a hatchback. Is this a recommended one?

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